I imagine being a dreamer at Imagine.cc 2013 in Silicon Valley


If life gives you lemons then, make lemonade!

It’s what I’m going to do if I get this opportunity to go to Silicon Valley this July 2013 and get one of my dreams!
I’m passionate about creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, marketing, tourism and travelling so, it’s easy to guess why going to this camp of creativity in Silicon Valley, is one of my dreams.
This video was inspired somehow by the Wizard of Oz, a way you have to do, choosing different paths, meeting people and sharing ideas, fun, hope, life and knowledge with them and finally, applying for the opportunity.

I want to be a dreamer at Imagine Creativity Center 2013! 

I want to give special thanks to:
- Marta Moledo and Pablo Santiago who helped me to film and edit it
- The fruit shop Frutas Marisol http://4sq.com/o23PNH
- All my friends who came to support me by acting in the video
- The city of Corunna for such a nice landscape

Top 10 finalists of the Six-Month All Expenses Paid Trip Blogging contest! The Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List


Mydestination has created this contest announced also at the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association, where anyone can participate, it’s a global competition and soon, they will choose one of the top 10 finalists.

The winner will start this amazing trip in June, during 6 months travelling around the world, with all expenses paid plus $50.000 Cash… Not bad, uh?

The finalists are from Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Thailand, Canada, South Africa, USA and Australia… which one is your favourite?

@vagabrothers with their video #24 hours in San Sebastian

@joaocajuda with his video #my destination is State of Rajasthan

@mindflwandrlust with their #my destination is Bangkok

@mrjoshuagarcia and his video #my destination is New York City

@RickVIBESTAGE and his video #my destination is New Zealand

@CearaMcEvoy and her video #my destination is Cape Town

@vmori074 and her video #my destination is Otawa

Barbara Oliveira and her video #my destination is Lisbon

@nasunaphoto and her video #my destination is Montréal

Or @davezwolenski and his video #my destination is Apollo Bay

You can support your favourite one by clicking on their profile and following it on facebook

You can check all the information of the contest here http://www.mydestination.com/bbb#.UZHy26KPFGQ

Good luck to the finalist! I can’t wait to follow the trip of the winner!

Downtown Sacramento Calls all dreamers!

I’ve just discovered this contest for the residents of USA who have a dream to create a retail business idea

I think this is a great initiative not only to encourage entrepreneurs to create start-ups, but also to improve the economy and the atmosphere of a place, in this case, Downtown and Sacramento region.

The contest, which dead line will be the 24th of May, is possible thanks to several sponsors and the Downtown Sacramento Partnership.

The winner will receive an awards package worth approximately $125,000 which includes rent-free up to one year in a Downtown location, startup capital, and business support services.

To participate, you have to fill all the paper work, send your CV and your business model in no more than 10 pages.

All the information on www.dreamerswelcome.org

Congratulations to Downtown Sacramento Partnership for this great project and best luck to all participants! Iniciatives like this one should happen in more places too, not only for USA residents.

Win A FREE Trip To Australia!


Amazing initiative from one of the candidates for the best jobs in the world @Australia @PSChanel deserves to win as she is doing obviously all her best! #BestJobs #ChanelWC
Thanks @PSChanel for sharing your dream! I loved your videos

Originally posted on Photography + Science = Chanel:





Chanel is already a natural spokesperson for promoting ocean conservation, environmental sustainability, and exploration/travel to everyone she meets. To become a Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia would not only be a dream come true, but it could lead to some AMAZING opportunities to help pursue and utilize her passions in life. She’s made it to the Top 25 Finalists out of over 45,000 entries – the world is Chanel’s ‘South Australian Oyster:) !

Her love for Australia has been evident ever since she learned about the Great Barrier Reef when she was a young aspiring marine biologist. The intrigue only grew when she traveled to Queensland, Australia for a year-long student exchange program in college. The culture, the people, the places, the wildlife, the scenery, the history, the beauty; all…

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New campaign #iberiamayors: looking for the best tourism guide

iberia contest

Once more, we can see as a tourism company announces a contest to get a viral effect by encouraging people to create their own videos and put them on youtube.

In this case it’s Iberia, and people has to promote their own cities, as being a local, you know better some charming places where tourism guides don’t take you. Thus, Iberia looks for the best tourism guide of every city in Spain and they offer a free trip for two people to the most popular video.

I’ve seen some other campaigns like this in the past like “Revívelo” of Atrapalo or “Yo soy viajero Barcelo” that were very succesful, not only for the people who won those trips, but also it’s a very effective and cheap marketing campaign for the company if you compare it with some other traditional advertisements and all about, viral through social media.

Maybe for this reason, Iberia decided to add this contest directly on Facebook, so to participate you have to “Like” the page of Iberia.

Madrid, Barcelona and Lisbon were the first cities promoted by the open castings for the best guides and they already have their winners, like this of Manu García

At this moment, the castings are open for the cities: Málaga, Tenerife, Bilbao and Mallorca. So if you are a local of one of these places, you can also promote your city and get a free trip to the Iberia destination that you choose. Good luck!

The last 150 candidates for The Best Jobs in the World

The Best Jobs in the World

In 2009 we have seen one of the best destination campaigns in the world: Australia offering the Best Job in the World, with a cost of 855.000 €, it became popular all over the world.

There were more than 30.000 candidates from 200 different countries ant this was the winner was the British Ben Southall, who few months ago has announced the 6 best jobs of the world 2013, depending on your taste: fotography, gastronomy, wildlife, adventure, environment or events. Thus, Australia is showing us again that it’s a land that has everything you can imagine and more…

Here you can see the winner video of Ben Southall 2009: Island Reef Job

And now, we can see a shortlist of the best 150 videos that are going to compete for one of the 6 best jobs of the world 2013. Check the list on this website: https://bestjobs.australia.com/default.aspx?email=p2edm&fb=False

We will see the winners of this year, anyway, having a look to different videos, I must say that is going to be difficult to choose just one for each section.

Finally, I would like to share some of them that I enjoyed and I must give you an advice before watching them: sometimes you will feel soooo jealous!

- Chanel Hason, 25 years old from California. Wildlife caretaker: http://vimeo.com/63495772

- Andrew Smith, Chief Funster, New South Wales: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZ8nQ_mdyxY

- Francisca del Castillo from Chile, Taste Masterhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8_OdQlJoog

- Joao Ribeiro from Portugal, Outback adventurerhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jy21aGd1OPs